Senior Footballers Relegated - where did it all go wrong?

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Senior Footballers Relegated - where did it all go wrong?

Postby Mark Lenehan » 09 Sep 2011, 21:16

It’s unfortunate as we did have chances to tie the game and even win. But if Duleek/Bellewstown didn’t have two players sent off they would have won by twenty points.

A lot of questions need to be answered.

In the final 20 minutes (maybe more), with 15 vs 13, we only managed to score 5 points.

What did anyone else make of the game? Where did it go wrong and what do we need to do now?
Mark Lenehan
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Re: Senior Footballers Relegated - where did it all go wrong

Postby f00tball » 10 Sep 2011, 07:48

What a shambles. Bad organising on the field and on the sideline.
The players were slower, mentally and physically - they were certainly not fit.
We only have two forwards, Neilly and Derek that played up to standard.
We only had one back, Flash, that can mark his man. Surely the prime task of any back is to mark his man. Every back, with the named exception are at least a meter behind their men.
Neither of our centre field players defended - duleek just ran at us from deep, uncontested.
The inclusion of Hegarty was a disaster. He never bothered showing up all year and then walks on to the team.
We had sixteen players on the field - the ref gave us everything - they had thirteen playes on the field. Every kick out they took they found an unmarked player.
A Disaster all round.
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Re: Senior Footballers Relegated - where did it all go wrong

Postby Whosthat » 11 Sep 2011, 23:19

F00tball makes sense.

First off we must admit that the reason Trim were relegated is the poor performances of the players and the poor attitude towards training. Players shouldn’t miss training except if there is a genuine excuse, but that wasn’t the case, and it showed out there.

But I think Kit has to put his hand up for the final loss; he made a balls of this one and got more or less every decision wrong. There was no game plan and it goes without saying that Trim were tacticly inept if we couldn't win in a 15 vs 13 situation

Trim didn’t have a clue. Michael Lowther is one of the best forwards in the team and he was playing way too far out, indeed he was a sweeper in the second half when we needed scores. Which is another issue – they had a man sent off and we made a double sub, yet we left Mark Gilsenan, our sweeper in the last 2 championship games, on the bench. Why? He was surely the man for the job?

Our attack looked lost, how does a senior team only score 5 points in 24 minutes vs 13 men?

And we did have 16 as the ref let us off the hook a lot and we got the breaks – in the play before the first guy was sent off Duleek were trying to sub the number 10 but the ref let us take the kick out instead [and the linesman didn’t make much effort to get his attention] and the move finished with yer man being sent off; later on Murphy should have got the line.

We couldn’t beat 13 players and if they had kept 15 on the field [even if they only kept 14] we would have been beaten by 30 points.

I fear we will be in a relegation battle again next year
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Re: Senior Footballers Relegated - where did it all go wrong

Postby davy_rulez » 17 Sep 2011, 15:57

Trim this year just did not play when they had to, if Trim had played like the did against BlackHall they would of been odds on favourites to get of the relegation zone. There was no team plan what so ever and it is very bad. Trim have been in senior status for so many years. But im afraid to say, even if we did stay up, could we even compete with our standard of football?
Intermediate league by all means is very tough to get out of, so the management should be thinking ahead to the next year and trying to win. Trim have brill players, The douglas, The neillie, and a few more, these are attacking players, is there even a defender to back them up? Flash is one of the best markers in the club, why cant we have more like him

I rest my case, all these questions have not been answered, they better be answered by next year or we are in trouble
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