U21 footballers

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U21 footballers

Postby f00tball » 24 Oct 2011, 18:17

It was a dissappointing end to the game the other night in Skryne. They were within a point with fifteen minutes to go but went to sleep towards the end. Our midfield was non existent in the second half resulting in Toher and Higgins have to move out to win ball. When the ball was going in to them in the first half they caused havoc.
The disclipline again let us down. Four times the ball was brought forwards by the referee for Trim mouthing. The shouting from the sidelene was awful. the four mentors were constantly shouting instructions and telling the referee how to do his job. The subs in the dugout were also shouting at the referee. Sort it out or we are going nowhere.
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